úterý 8. května 2012

Mika Ben-Yami

I have heard the song on Israel's music TV my friend is listening to. 
I wrote down the lyrics and than I found it... I just totally felt like the song is about me. The singer is beautiful I love the way it's made and the lyrics are singing about what I'm dealing with now. 

úterý 1. května 2012


The last day of the exhibition me and my sister visited Leica Gallery in Prague to see a bit of New York from a different side. I have never been there. I know a lot's of people are crazy about the city and I dont't understand why. But this exhibiton helped me a bit to understand why...why New York...
Andreas says: " When I fist arrived in NY, I wasn'T sure if I like it. Ever since then, I keep coming back to find out..."